• Developing New Generation Learning Spaces through Innovative Funding, Planning and Development Strategies

      The Australian Government has committed $243.5 billion for schools under the quality schools package. $7 billion has been spent on new classrooms alone and 747 billion in maintenance funding in NSW. These major funding commitments will give schools the opportunity to think strategically about new build and retrofit projects and leveraging technology and mutli-modal learning spaces to engage students living in a digital age.

      The 2nd Annual School Design and Development Summit will bring together thought leaders and decision makers across the education sector to discuss strategies to deliver new generation school learning environments through innovative funding, planning and development strategies.

      Key Discussion Points:

      • How do you create schools that respond to the learning needs of the 21st century student? 
      • How do you access funding for new build and retrofit projects?
      • How do you gain planning approval for retrofit and new build projects?
      • How can you leverage technology to increase learning outcomes?

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          What Separates the School Design & Development Summit from Other Events?

          IQPC is a proud host the School Design & Development Summit which will bring together leaders from across the education, government and construction sector to discuss innovative strategies to deliver new generation learning environments through innovative planning, funding and development. The agenda is 100% case study based and is filled with opportunities to network with key decision makers. Featuring:

          20 + experts from Education, Government, Architecture and Construction!

          4 + International Case Studies- From Netherlands, Sweden and 2 from New Zealand!

          Client Led Speaker Panel- Hear from the Chief Planner and NSW Minister for Education about the Planning & Strategy for School Investment!

          Featured Speakers

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          Case Studies

          Skapaskolan Sweden

          Follow Christer Holger's journey to plan, fund and develop a school from the ground up. He is currently managing and 100% increase in student numbers!

          $22 Million Artemis Centre at Melbourne Girls Grammar School

          Explore how this building facilitates student growth and well being and gain an understanding of multi modal learning zones!

          Rototuna Junior High School

          Managing a rapid increase in student population and future proofing existing infrastructure!

          ICK de Geluksvogel School Netherlands

          An exploration into how vertical school infrastructure can lead to time and cost savings!

          Who Will You Network With?

          •  Australian Government
          •  Primary Schools
          •  Secondary Schools
          •  Public/Private Schools
          •  Architecture / Design
          •  Building / Construction
          •  Principals & Headmasters
          •  Deputy Principal
          •  Facility Managers
          •  Head of Capital Works / Asset
          •  Principal Architects
          •  Interior Designers
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