13 - 14 November, 2018 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney

Christer Holger

Skapaskolan Sweden

3:00 PM Designing Schools that Respond to Learning Needs of the 21st Century

Designing Schools that Respond to Learning Needs of the 21st Century
How can school design be used as a means to realize your organizations vision? What new challenges and possibilities for learning spaces does new technology and internet really entail? What learning spaces support children’s learning outcomes and personal development today?
This workshop will explore new ways of use learning space design to reach your organisations unique goals. Founder and CEO of Skapaskolan will guide you through the findings they have made over five years of intense innovation culminating in a brand new uniquely designed school that supports the vision of the school.
What will the workshop cover?
  • How internet and iPads change the basis for learning space design.
  • How you can interpret your organizations vision and goals into guidelines for learning space design.
  • Exploring different ways to use learning space design as a pedagogic resource.
  • How to use learning space design as a school development opportunity. 

10:10 AM Learning, Learning, Learning. How Skapaskolan Built Themselves a Unique School to Support 21st Century Learning

Skapaskolans founder and CEO Christer Holger
describes the schools journey of building a school
based on the idea that every inch of the building is
there to support the kids learning and growing.
Internet and technology redefines the basis for
learning space design and this talk will cover how
Skapaskolan chose to design their spaces to make
the most of digital possibilities. Christer will also tell us
why variety is more important than flexibility and how
the environment can be used to instill active learners.
Skapaskolan has build a unique school more like a
startup company office than a regular school and we
will cover why that is natural in a 21st century learning

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Christer.

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